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RabbitMQ Image Guide


By default, network access is turned off to a ECS instance. You can specify rules in a security group that allows access from an IP address range, port, or ECS security group.

You must specify port numbers (for TCP):

  • 22 (ssh)
  • 80 (http)
  • 443 (https)
  • 15672 (rabbitmq Management)
  • 21, 20000~30000 (ftp)

Security groups document URL: Alibabacloud Security group

Image environment description

  • rabbitmq-3.6.9
  • erlang-19.3
  • Source installation directory: /usr/local/rabbitmq
  • Service management: systemctl {start|stop|status|rotate-logs|restart} rabbitmq-server
  • Listening port:
  • Console Management: http://<Public net IP>:15672

Init RabbitMQ

Exec command
sudo /root/oneinstack/

alt init_rabbitmq

rabbitmq_management address:

alt rabbitmq_management