MySQL 8.0 无法启动

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UioSun asked 5 年 ago
系统:CenteOS 7.4.1708
报错:Starting MySQL.The server quit without updating PID file (/[FAILED]ql/

2019-03-25T03:07:53.733783Z 0 [System] [MY-010116] [Server] /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld (mysqld 8.0.15) starting as process 50686
2019-03-25T03:07:53.869200Z 1 [ERROR] [MY-012671] [InnoDB] Encryption algorithm support missing: N
2019-03-25T03:07:53.869215Z 1 [ERROR] [MY-013183] [InnoDB] Assertion failure: == DB_SUCCESS thread 140125224826624
InnoDB: We intentionally generate a memory trap.
InnoDB: Submit a detailed bug report to
InnoDB: If you get repeated assertion failures or crashes, even
InnoDB: immediately after the mysqld startup, there may be
InnoDB: corruption in the InnoDB tablespace. Please refer to
InnoDB: about forcing recovery.
03:07:53 UTC - mysqld got signal 6 ;
This could be because you hit a bug. It is also possible that this binary
or one of the libraries it was linked against is corrupt, improperly built,
or misconfigured. This error can also be caused by malfunctioning hardware.
Attempting to collect some information that could help diagnose the problem.
As this is a crash and something is definitely wrong, the information
collection process might fail.
It is possible that mysqld could use up to
key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size + sort_buffer_size)*max_threads = 13691097 K bytes of memory
Hope that's ok; if not, decrease some variables in the equation.
Thread pointer: 0x7f7197681000
Attempting backtrace. You can use the following information to find out
where mysqld died. If you see no messages after this, something went
terribly wrong...
stack_bottom = 7f71723fd5c8 thread_stack 0x46000
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(my_print_stacktrace(unsigned char*, unsigned long)+0x2e) [0x1c6d98e]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(handle_fatal_signal+0x413) [0xe261e3]
/lib64/ [0x7f71999395d0]
/lib64/ [0x7f7197c79207]
/lib64/ [0x7f7197c7a8f8]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(ut_dbg_assertion_failed(char const*, char const*, unsigned long)+0x2b8) [0x1ff21f8]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld() [0x1eb03a8]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(recv_recovery_from_checkpoint_start(log_t&, unsigned long)+0x5f3) [0x1ebb4b3]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(srv_start(bool, std::string const&+0x18fc) [0x1fa04ec]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld() [0x1e32295]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(dd::bootstrap:DSE_dict_init(THD*, dict_init_mode_t, unsigned int)+0x7a) [0x1c088ca]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld(dd::upgrade_57::do_pre_checks_and_initialize_dd(THD*)+0x2d6) [0x1c002f6]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld() [0xecc161]
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld() [0x1d7d6ff]
/lib64/ [0x7f7199931dd5]
/lib64/ [0x7f7197d40ead]
Trying to get some variables.
Some pointers may be invalid and cause the dump to abort.
Query (0): is an invalid pointer
Connection ID (thread ID): 1
The manual page at contains
information that should help you find out what is causing the crash.

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oneinstack answered 5 年 ago

UioSun answered 5 年 ago

                    total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           3931       1571       695          17        1664        2043
Swap:             0           0              0

应该是 4G 大

oneinstack answered 5 年 ago
是否自己调整过/etc/my.cnf ? 服务器操作系统详细版本多少?mysql采用那个安装方式(二进制还是源码安装 )?

UioSun answered 5 年 ago

系统:CenteOS 7.4.1708 64bit

我换装了 MySQL 5.7,没问题了。我记得去年我来提问,也是因为 8.0 无法成功,当时是 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS。