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./addons.sh安装Let’s Encrypt:出现这种:
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement acme==0.9.2 (from -r /tmp/tmp.GnkDQ1tKbo/letsencrypt-auto-requirements.txt (line 173)) (from versions: 0.0.0.dev20151006, 0.0.0.dev20151008, 0.0.0.dev20151017, 0.0.0.dev20151020, 0.0.0.dev20151021, 0.0.0.dev20151024, 0.0.0.dev20151030, 0.0.0.dev20151104, 0.0.0.dev20151107, 0.0.0.dev20151108, 0.0.0.dev20151114, 0.0.0.dev20151123, 0.0.0.dev20151201, 0.1.0, 0.1.1, 0.2.0, 0.3.0, 0.4.0, 0.4.1, 0.4.2, 0.5.0, 0.6.0, 0.7.0, 0.8.0, 0.8.1, 0.9.0, 0.9.1)
No matching distribution found for acme==0.9.2 (from -r /tmp/tmp.GnkDQ1tKbo/letsencrypt-auto-requirements.txt (line 173))
You are using pip version 8.0.3, however version 8.1.2 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the ‘pip install –upgrade pip’ command.
Let’s Encrypt client installed successfully!